Week 3 – Humming right along



This week has been very interesting. I’m enjoying the reading of Og. I am  getting more into the audio of the Master Key System. (What a Great Asset). I working on a way that I can take the recordings mobile so I can oversaturate my mind. May sound creepy but, I am willing to do what it takes to change my mindset and beat the crap out of my old blueprint. Being a veteran of the MKMMA experience, I went in thinking that the beginning would be a breeze, Ha! Boy, was I hit in the head with a ton a of bricks. I was a bit taken aback how strong my old blueprint was. I dug in deep and I picked up the book, I got of bed and read, I found a quiet place by my place of work and read. It is a challenge to force change and create new habits.  A challenge, yes-Impossible, Heck No!

I finding that I am slowing down in my mind and releasing unnecessary tension. I had been observing that I was always in a rush to get somewhere. Where I don’t know. By doing the sit, reading Og, and listening to The Master Keys I am formulating a direction of where I would like to take my life. I have a feeling of excitement as I take control of my future. I am moving through the muck and the attacks from the old subby with a new confidence and foresight. I am creating my dream life. I am really enjoying this process.


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