Week 4 – Flu Bug

Wow!!! What a week, everything is starting to flow. My Og readings are exciting. My sit is becoming more easy and I look forward to it every morning. Listening to the master keys everyday is incredible. I’m becoming more accustom to finding bits of time to read from the index cards I love find objects that match my DMP. I am getting a better understanding of how this is working. My PPN’s and major purpose are constantly in front of me, therefore I know things are happing. Here is one example, I have a White Range Rover Evoke as apart of my DMP. I live in Las Vegas so, I see just about every car imaginable almost daily. It is pretty cool, is like having an live Barrett-Jackson Autoshow on display all the time. But the one car that I see more that any other is the Evoke. Proof positive! I LOVE IT!!!!

I hit a small hurdle this week. I was attacked sneezeby a flu bug that shut me down in the middle of the week. Completely caught of guard. I’m not the person that get sick when everyone else does or gets yearly head colds. I am a pretty healthy person so the bug did not last long and I am  almost back to full strength. Yeah for great health!!! I’m keeping this entry pretty short. Keeping my promises. (Write a blog post every week to track progress.) I’m very thankful for that. It is keeping me honest with myself. No better feeling. Until next week. Stay healthy.

Brian Howard
Be Amazing


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